Trading With Random People


So I’ve been going around trading but I’m not completely sure why, but 3 times within a 1.5 hour period after trading 3 different people they’ve always basically did nothing even if they’re the ones who offered the offer.

For example, I found a random person who was buying incs for 1 mana each and I traded them. But turns out after putting the mana in they basically did absolutely nothing for a few minutes so I declined. Then you can probably guess what happened the other 2 times.

So am just wondering whats going on because I kinda don’t feel like it’s a coincidence as those were basically the only times I traded with a random person.


Maybe you’ve just been unlucky, normally people who make offers ingame will definitely trade with you as they’re making the offer. You could also check out if you want to make more trades. Good luck!


use realmeye trading or uswest2 AKA the trading server


ye i trade with random after he accept trade he stole my entire vault very unfortu


You may have been trading with bot vendors, who usually do nothing after selecting the item they’re using to buy whatever you’re selling them. It is very intriguing though, as those seem to be a rare breed nowadays


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