Training accuracy


Noticed that the tutorial turrets do not work anymore. Anywhere else i can train accuracy?


The things in ghall that respwan


Yep this! but it’s spellled respawn :wink:


Find a new empty realm, find the crystal, shoot away. Another option is DDocks at the wall (heroic something or the other I think it is called). Both work pretty well.


I can’t really check it out on my phone, but I’m not sure it’s something allowed by TOS, and in that case it should not be promoted here.


Apparently, that’s a flash game of sorts.


And how would it affect accuracy in Rotmg? Just by making you better at aiming?


I think he was trying to make an attempt at humor.


They do still work, see screenshot. Perhaps you are shooting the wrong ones? The red and white target ones don’t contribute accuracy, but the dark grey tower ones that shoot green bullets do.

Edit: see Farming Tutorial Turrets for more info.


Oh, thanks.
Sorry @Septagram


Make sure to use a low tier weapon so you can “get more” out of it.


okay what
AIMBOOSTER is literally a website where you can PRACTICE YOUR AIM idk what you guys are talking about like its HACKS or something maybe if u actually went to the site you would see and the download part meant you can literally download it and play it in the projector.


oh and btw if ur talking about actually farming accuracy the stat u can kill constructs in godlands with a low tier weapon or find a tomb and hit the inactive bosses


Apologies, I had clicked the link and saw it was a flash thing and jumped to conclusions too fast. ATM I cannot see a way to unflag the post.

On the bright side this flag will not count as a strike on your account.


As I said, I’m sorry. It’s just that in the context of farming accuracy in realm it looked suspicious.


its ok im not actually that mad lmao


Most efficient for target piercing weapons:

  1. Get lowest tiered weapon with “Effect: Shots hit multiple targets” & best dexterity equipment You can.

  2. Go Oryx Castle

  3. Kill 2 stoned guys and Janus if spawned.

  4. Shoot walls on:

a) main chamber enterance:

b) All 4 spawn (starting) points:

Shoot just places where’s min 5+ targets You can reach at once, other spots are waste of time - u can always go oryx again.

On best setup i have pierced ~15 walls at every hit so imo there’s no better spot to train acc.

HF :slight_smile:


They die eventually though. The beauty of nexus turrets is you can leave for as long as u like, come back, and they’ll still be there


@SirSpud trust me, u go there and clear what i have pointed and u will get lot more % than turret in no time…

castle: let’s say ~10x hit per shot
/tutorial: max 2x hit per shot

so oryx give u same % 5x faster, and 10 is bottom margin here, u can easly focus only on 10+ on those spots and gain same % in 15 min’s like u get on turret in idk… 1,5h?


They hp scale, so they will die within a few minutes