Training accuracy


@SirSpud ymmm, man…?

walls got hp scale? o.0

anyway yea, few min’s with T0 weapon is my point here xDD


the reason the turrets ‘don’t work anymore’ is because you are hacking. I believe there is an option you have to turn off in settings when accuracy farming. (I’m not gonna tell you what it is)


I don’t think i have ever hacked so that’s a no no option already. Thank you everyone for your contributions i think constructs will be the fastest/easiest method.


Do you speak from experience or something? Lol


Alright guys, turns out that my muledump was broken so this was just a huge misconception lol. Thank you to everyone that tried to help out. Please close this thread @forum_admin


I can deal with that for you. You can also check accuracy via the Statistics Panel in-game (orange fame button on the character selection/main menu, or in the nexus the i button at the top of the screen).