Trickster's Prism and Soul bound damage


Do the UT prisms grant soul bound damage? If it doesn’t then I feel that the trickster’s prism should grant soul bound damage with the UT prisms.


Yes it does (I am 99% sure)


Yes, trickster’s damage from it’s prism does count toward sb damage.


Oh sweet I did not know. Thanks for responding!


stuff like trickster prism does, but stuff like rock candy doesnt


I thought it did


consumables and pet damage do not count for soul bound damage




Yeah in a recent update they added that prisms gave soulbound damage, I thought that consumables did as well but maybe I’m wrong.


It used to not, but now it does.


I’m pretty sure that consumables count for sb too, I remember someone posting that they can finally get sb damage on spooky boi with rock candy


You’re actually right, rock candy does do sb damage. They changed that at the same time as the prisms.


For reference:

Patch X.17.0 - The Tinkering.

Also yeah, pets don’t do SB, just look up staroceans pet soloing tombs and getting 0.


that was awhile ago mate


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