TrigPlanar's PPE


Man oh man. My last ditch effort to try to enjoy playing this game again.


Starting off with a mystic ppe, one of my favorite classes due to her ability to provide a useful debuff as well as her all around decent stats.


Now, I’m not really a superstitious person but I won’t say no to a kendo stick.


omg its trigplanar holy he is real


Holy fuck omg omg papa!


Upgrades people upgrades.


Never a good sign when your guildie dies in castle.


Pretty decent start if I do say so myself.

Also, hello again @PapaBriun.


“Trig why are you ppeing a class that’s already fully exalted?”

  1. I don’t care about exalts.
  2. Don’t tell me what to do.
  3. Mystic is pog.

Also, level 20 stats for the curious.


I suppose it helps to know people who do O3s. Super early run. Too bad I already have the bp…


Imagine how cracked this character would have, could have, should have been. Won’t say no to a double top though.


Ppes are definitely my favorite way to play the game. Also looking good


I find ppes to be a great way to learn dungeons without the regret of losing a main character to the meat grin… I mean Shatters.


Don’t expect too many updates to the ppe. Thanksgiving week means time with the family.

Anyways, budget budget conflict is a welcome item.



Heyo, back at it again with some quick updates.

Very disappointing loot from O2.


Unexpected white bag. Banner would have been nice but now I have a backup pizza star.

Two O3s, 3 O3 tops. Not too shabby.

And yes, screen green.



Umm… good luck lol?


I have returned for a couple more screenshots. Might be able to play longer today I don’t know.

Got this unfortunate excuse for a leather armor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible but it is bad.


More hp means I get to do dumb things without getting penalized too heavily.