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No, I believe it was either a turtle or a baby.



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Shouldn’t it be sorceress ?





@ArexRew no


Isn’t the nomenclature for this:

“(name of the skin)(name of the class) skin”


If “Sorcerer” is here as the name of the class then it doesn’t have to be changed to “Sorceress”.


Candle Maid Sorceress
Candle Maid Sorceress

Indian Beauty Sorcereress
Indian Beauty Sorcereress gratz who whote this on the wiki


It’s from the wiki, if RotMG haves logic then this skin should be named correctly. However, it depends from the point of view : If her name is just Undine, then it’s right. If it’s Undine the Sorceress, it’s wrong.


I don’t care about the wiki, I’m asking what the item name looks like in-game.


Those are the in-game names, I know there are other examples of this on other classes I’ll go find some.

“Ordinary Magician”

“Cleopatra priestess”

“Shrine priestess”

There are a ton of examples on the priest of the same thing.

There are a ton of skins that break this;
“Jack-o-mancer” (necromancer skin)
“Shield Maiden” (knight)
“Explorer” (Warrior)
“Rudolph the Berzerk” (warrior)


class doesn’t need to be said correctly in the name, as one can always look at the description to see the actual class



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Probably, yes. Though it’s inconsistent (“Queen of Hearts Sorcerer”).

Because the undine is a female creature, and with “her” in the description, it probably would suit having Sorceress in the name too, to match. Huntress skins also commonly get named in this fashion, with “Hunter” for the male ones.


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wew fixed, I actually did see that when I was editing the page yesterday but I thought it might’ve been how it was spelled in-game (checking now, it’s definitely not spelled that way lol)


Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 3.02.54 PM.png

rip the tile lol


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