Trivial Issues Thread


tf… thats me in the chat lmao


back when beach zone was alive


good times…good times man


That comment was like…400 posts ago, lol.
RIP Beach Zone.


sad mystic noises


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Not being able to move is not trivial. Though if you were posting as a joke, feel free to delete the post.


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Moved out of Trivial as it’s kinda a problem with the game engine I guess, or lag, so more than a trivial bug to fix.


Gild lel


the head is a pumpkin


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Moved your problem into its own thread so you can get advice/replies on how to fix it.


lol deca removes come back later and replaces it with this…


But they fixed the Come Back Later glitch


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Moved to its own topic as broken chat is bigger than trivial.


nice ground


Same happened to me rn…



Thought it was called the “Horticultural Huntress”?




Known issue, will bee fixed.


moments before disaster


you seem to gain an extra second of drop rate when you enter a bazaar(or at least right bazaar)
it’s trivial because it seems to go away when you leave the location