Trivial Issues Thread

#22 (don’t tell me it’s French, I’m positive it’s a misspelling of “indomitable”)


How do you even find that…

it’s French



You can’t trade in the Tinkerer’s Workshop.


Jugg, CDirk etc. do not drop every single time.

Also Event Gods health is too high, reduce it to around 85 or so.


dont get this


oh what the hell i thought that picture was from glands not nexus xD


whats so weird about that


It has been fixed don’t worry about it.


i just wat to know…:’(



Um the bag-drop sound for bags that aren’t collected can make the drop sound again when walking on-and-off screen of the bag. Only sometimes though? It gets annoying if leveling up in a UDL or something…


And another thing that’s annoying but doesn’t affect game-play: Every time one resets cache, it resets the options configuration. Couldn’t options config be saved server side? Or does anyone have a solution for this? It has always bothered me…


People talking about issues is trivial enough.



Well, according to Menichko, it’s French.

And nice try Deca, but friends list is still in backwards order. You’ll never sate our hunger for pointless nitpicking.


It’s an improvement from the past, I suppose. Deca fixes a few nitpicks per update, Kabam created a few nitpicks per update.


The Shatters key opening does not give a proper message since the last few days:


One very trivial issue is that pets are nerfed ;-;

Also is Tipsbot going to be saying some of these @Pentaract ?


The new counter on /who is useful, but when the /who message is too long, it pushes the start of the text off the top of the screen, might be more useful to have the number display at the end of the message?

(Example of how it works normally for reference):


Who (hehe) would do /who in usw2 (or whatever the trading server is)


Haha yep guessed right, (USW3 at the mo = trading). Some of those mega full shatters/icetombs/trains it happens in as well. Last one I counted manually had… 120/121 names so not totally unfeasible to get it happening in a “playable” zone.