Trivial Issues Thread


Guill can’t suggest samurai in the random class command yet


Sometimes stacking tokens into your vault doesn’t work; you have to put both stacks either in your inventory / vault for them to stack.


Might be caused by a bug in flash


Maybe he really does not want you to play samurai.


you can lock players who are already locked


wait, you did a dungeon without the almighty Star?


The most versatile class

(If you move around your items in a way, unusable items lose their red markings in the back)


(equips poison and staff)


If you feed a pet that you don’t have equipped, then check your pet tab, your pet will display the abilities of the pet that you fed.



i have a super trivial issue, you have to pay for realm gold



The real sanic!

Edit: @Nevov oh sorry for wasting your time, Laserquest is right there are two speedy buffs above my head.

X.31.4.0 Release Candidate

Might need more words to explain the issue in your pic? I tried magic eye picture staring for 10 minutes but nope!


2 speedy buffs


Ah my LH noobyness exposed or I’d have maybe realised what that green tower thing did. :slight_smile:


yeah, that happens to me sometimes.


I am getting so annoyed that rotmg automatically changes servers sometimes when changing characters.

Did also anyone got annoyed by the fact that you can’t use a waki near walls because it is not allowed to spawn the projectile inside the wall? It makes the waki useless next to walls or in narrow corridors. Example: you can’t use waki in an abyss.


it was intended to be like that


Isn’t that only when your original server becomes full?


Is your server setting on best or a specific server? If it’s on best that might be the problem.