Trivial Issues Thread


Where’s the issue? Date seems correct, reward as well…


I left your reply here as it wouldn’t make sense on a separate topic (with the title now explaining).


done by dragging a thing for a very short time.


That will solve the priest underdamage problem! Necro stats, staff, priest heals



you cant equip it tho, also its already been posted here ~2 months ago


*fiery, not firey






Something annoying I noticed:

The dye masks for the stone skins include every part of the character on staff and bow classes (presumably wand classes too), but the dye masks for melees (and I think katana classes) doesnt include their weapon.

This is kind of annoying, as my paladin can’t be a spacy boye like my wizard and archer.

Look at my paladin, archer, and wizard to see the problem:

EDIT: not only does the stone samurai skin not cover the sword, BUT IT DOESNT COVER THE FACE HANDS OR FEET EITHER! This looks aboslutely DISGUSITNG!

This is so sad can we delete the waki?


it gets worse:


those two pixels aren’t part of your helmet, they’re part of the katana.
you can thank me later.


I thought those were part of the helmet, if not then it’s just worse.

This is legitimately annoying to me :frowning: I want my chars to be spacy bois


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If you throw the beach ball in there, part of it gets covered up. I tried it from a couple points in there.
I don’t know how much more trivial an issue can get, though.




Lag is always an issue too.
I lagged into here.
(My laptop is REALLY bad, so all I can do is mess around with lag in the nexus)


Some options menu text is in gray, some in white. The inconsistency applies to the hover text too.

Also, the respective volume slider resets if you press the music or SFX ON/OFF toggles, but not from using the weapon sound toggle (which shares a slider with SFX).


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The vault is still missing a samurai statue.

Where is the Samurai statue?

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