Trivial Issues Thread


I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen, but I have the fame increase notification on and sometimes I’ll gain 2 fame instead of 1 where exp gained shouldn’t be enough for +2 fame. (i.e. I kill one god in glands and a 2 fame notification pops up)


Could be that you were on the brink of getting +1 fame and got an extra playtime fame - the extra fame gained for playing 6 minutes on a char, up to 60 mins - or 10 fame.


I just saw this happen as well on a PPE. He has 270 base fame, I was in godlands killing gods and after killing a ghost god my famed jumped to 272. I had just chalked it up to possible lag but maybe it is something else?
But one god should not push fame up two points, not with a 270 base anyway.


Agree with @Seelpit mentioning the active playtime fame. The +1 from that has to appear at some point, and maybe it always only increments it when you rack up a hit/kill on a monster, or just coincidence on these occasions.

Here’s one:

Any chance of the L being capitalised on the Legends page?



UBDEF b i g b r a i n plays

@Nevov bbigbrayn


Oi that’s my muchloved ringitem you’re talking about there.


Oi you gosh-darned Decades hustler, that’s my diddly darn Unbound Defense right there that you’re yappin’ on about, shut yer trap


the wiki says its up to 30 (aka 3 hours).

A comparison with the exp and fame of my own chars gives me that it should be up to 39.

Exp/Fame section on the wiki wrong?

Return of the wrong-coloured text! Skull edition.
The Corrupted Souls’ heal range is 6.6, which is higher than Krampus’ 6.5; yet the latter’s range shows up as green (= this stat is more effective) text, instead of red.


It’s not a wis-mod difference from that +2 wis on Krampus skull, is it?


Nope - the +2 wisdom from Krampus isn’t enough to go over the threshold of 10 wis.
75 max wis + 6 wis from robe = 81; + 2 wis from Krampus = 83; both are 3*10 above the 50 wis point, meaning they get a 2.4 (CSouls)/1.5 (Krampus) range increase.
It may have to do with their base range - CSouls’ is 4.2, while Krampus’ is 5.


We now have a “Bounty” instead of a quest (why?) but in the options menu they’re still “Quest Portraits”.


it’s been that way for a quite some time actually, and as far as I can tell there isn’t a reason why.


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heads’ would read better on this Statues death shoutout.
/Realm of the Mad Grammar


WHat IF yOU wERe sOLOiNG???//??/??



then it shouldnt be “fools


Done by multiply switching around items in a public bag with multiple people


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Bag type notes:

  • Freezing Quiver: should be white (event white)
  • Veteran of 2017, Paddy’s Flying Hat, Rainbow Clover: should be orange (vanity pets)
  • Backpack: should be orange (like vault chest/char slot)
  • Useless Katana: should be white (like the cheater armors)