Trivial Issues Thread


Please don’t use this as the “everything and anything” topic.

This topic is meant for trivial issues only - take the OP as the example, spelling errors and suchlike - things that we imagine should be a cinch to fix, and things that have no consequence to gameplay mechanics.

Anything outside this, please post as a new topic in #game-discussion:bugs and we can always merge things onto Trivial later.




What’s the issue?


Davy is not technically ‘on’ the ghost ship.


I’m inclined to say he is: defeating the Ghost Ship drops a portal into his Ship. It’s like the inner chambers of his ship that you venture into which explains the Ghost Pirate Ship theme


Then maybe it should say in rather than on


I would have to disagree only because the portal is on a beach island after the ship is killed. I have never seen a beach with palm trees on a ship but again it is only a trivial matter.



Deca forgot to take these away


Wait you can equip it?


oh lol
I guess that’s another trivial issue

  1. It doesnt say that it’ll disappear right after the month
    2.“this month” might refer to the current one.


The trick is that it always says “after this month,” so as soon as it becomes May, it’s referring to June. As soon as it becomes June, it’s referring to July.



Why is the Assassin ST knife sprite weird?


This happens to me when I first use a backpack, going to the nexus or anywhere fixes it.


Yep, it fixed itself. Good, because I was going to quit right then and there if it didn’t.


wait… why?


That was a joke.


It’s kind of hard to tell when you’re joking sometimes. :man_shrugging: