Trivial Issues Thread




This might just be an isolated case, but this still exists



There is no space following the ellipses after “again”


Hey, I just wanted to say hello! And get a forum badge… I didn’t want to be off topic in a thread… so…

I have to think of something trivial.

Wildshadow’s hardcoded nexus key, f5, is still in the game.
(I don’t actually want this removed but I don’t want to be flagged as off topic)


Whenever you accept a trade in a dungeon or in nexus, your account fame and gold temporarily turns to 0.

I emailed this issue to Deca about a year ago, but I guess they’re busy fixing other issues.


Oh is that the cause or one of the causes of that bug? Have noticed it from time to time but never found out why xd



the desc is now slightly misleading since you can also get other stuff for it



1 remaining heroes


An easy fix would be to make it like this:
Defeat the heroes of Oryx: 1 remaining.
That way the number won’t matter :slight_smile:


Found a bug: In the Pet Yard, if you travel along a chain of pets from the Caretaker then the Caretaker buttons still show up even though you’re not near him.


Guess what server I’m currently in


In the Tinkerer, the Mini God Pet Skin Quest:

The 4 token Quets for the slime God isn’t greyed out, the skin is in full color but the other skins in other quests are greyed out. Also dungeons from popped keys don’t seem to have the Oryxmas presents.


I would guess australia… but considering this thread is about bugs…


Also what portal is it?
Medusa or beholder?




when you equip a full st set then de-equip an item, it changes your 8x8 skin to the default one.


Wrong thread good friend.



literally unplayable


Lol. But what does that mean by the one bell thing


The Box has various possibilities; all of them are multiple Workshop keys (starting with 4) and one Bell.