Trivial Issues Thread




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Winter reskins of the Tier 11 weapons drop in purple bags in Ice Tombs, despite being T11 and therefore belonging in cyan bags.


I’m actually curious now, did other old tops reskins come in purple or cyan :thinking:


Phoenix Reborn quest means that the realm can be “closed” note the 0 remaining Heroes thing, yet still have Heroes to kill.


Pet sometimes flying, sometimes walking


Oryx Greatsword doesn’t have a weapon sound when shooting


entered a full realm through nexus tutorial


That’s because the slime one only has one reward, while you have to select a reward for the others.

Selection to be made -> grey out unselected ones that aren’t currently part of the reward
No selection to be made -> full color

Being able to select a reward before meeting the requirements would make this a little more intuitive.


My humanoid elf pet, (never been avian, no pet skin changes) sometimes flies.

Fly little buddy




The fact that I have to read through all of these:

To make sure I don’t duplicate someone else’s post.

Still checking…


You could try the search, with ‘Search this topic’:


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This difference between the standing sprite and the walking sprite.


I don’t even see anythign lol





I still dont see it.


Top right green pixel



The green is shaded differently