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Wtf how are your eyes so good


To be fair, I’ve been using this as my “default” skin for assassin for a while and I’d only just noticed.



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Wow. DECA really is desperate for money it seems. What do you plan to do with the game upon purchase?


Oh, nothing crazy. Maybe I’ll introduce some kind of game-breaking cash grab, like a monster that follows the player around that might be cool haha.


Since the t4 tome doesn’t have speedy and is equipped, while the t6 tome has speedy and is unequipped, the “Speedy for 1.9 seconds” should be in green text, not yellow.

Edit: Actually, other stuff on there should be green, too.


I did some checking and it’s somewhat inconsistent across abilities. With a T6 tome equipped, my prot’s armored text was purple, speedy was yellow when prot was equipped and assorted other debuffs on other items appeared yellow (slow when a paralyze item was equipped and vice versa). The only times there was red/green text was when buff/debuff durations where longer or shorter than those of the equipped item. In short, buffs/debuffs don’t seem to have the same easy-to-see colors as stats do on armors and rings.


The specific case here, I would argue speedy is not a straightforward positive effect to warrant a green text. There are situations where speedy is undesirable (for example when trying to negotiate a complex barrage of shots), so yellow for a neutral difference seems okay to me.


You raise a good point, and I might try checking other stuff with different items if I wasn’t so lazy. Even if the speedy being yellow was intended, though, the Party Effect should most certainly be green, but it is not.






background of the cbow



hasn’t this been a thing for ages tho?


I was about to say I swear someone’s mentioned this on forums but I didn’t have the willpower to look for it.


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I’m sure it’s been brought up before, but…



Yeah like why couldn’t they have connected them for a shorter route.


Rotmg strives to have the most inefficient sewer system in the world.

Don’t judge


Is it just me or are those two corridors slightly misaligned?


Not even slightly, they are quite misaligned.