Trivial Issues Thread


Pretty sure that was what he was trying to point out, too
(cough cough people above you)


that is exactly the problem


I just realised today they have lilypads in oceans, but im pretty sure lilypads grow on lakes, not oceans.


Any chance these are just heavily pixelated algae?


even rotmg cant escape algal blooms smh


Or maybe the oceans aren’t oceans.
:thinking: :exploding_head:

If they were joined, it would be part of “the path” and cause the map to be generated differently. The misalign I’d suggest is caused by:
Looking at the crossroads room all its exits seem to be that bit wider. Although it’s not broken in any sense is it, apart from visually for the OCD-sensitive.


In the incantation-use-error-message:


No need for that ‘the’ that’s there.


Sewers hallway length can vary between 3 to 5 tiles, this difference can cause some misalignment like you’ve pointed out here, this was an oversight on our part although with the way the generation of sewers was created I’m surprised that it’s not more broken than it is all things considered.


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Screenshot_569Screenshot_570 Screenshot_571
This one god-forsaken pixel on the Pandora Priestess’ laurel crown that has always the default color regardless of dye while shooting from the front.


There’s something similar on the rogue kingdom skin, 3 pixels without the dye overlay when it faces the front stationary which has literally made me stop playing rogue.


this thread is about issues that are more serious than I thought… here I am expecting trivial issues like the great question: owo or uwu?


owo uwu owo is gaods favorite activity.


gaod is gone sadly


Yeah got banned. Or at least he asked to.


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(Candyland Hunting Grounds)

I guess this is here for the sake of completion, but there’s really no point because you can’t “finish” the dungeon, so it will always be 0.


one thing i just noticed today, if you ignore anyone via public text, nothing happens(still gets blocked).
but if you ignore someone from pm it will say “XXX has been blocked”.
just some small trivial thing


While you’re entering a realm, people you’ve blocked get a small frame of time to say something before your block kicks in. (Happened to me on several occasions with the fake-noob beach spambot in EUSW.)

Just found out it actually has its own topic here.

@Nevov I don’t agree with the merge into this topic, because what I described is a different bug. (Thanks for being an active leader though.)
[@Survivor yes, sorry I misunderstood and have returned Laserquest’s (which is trivial) to here. Your thing isn’t the same as their post but as you said yours already has a topic, so no need for yours to be split either. -Nevov]