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Can someone please explain the last line? I was on a hiatus when it was implemented, I’m assuming that DRLcookies dealt 43.7% of oryx’s total HP and also got the final blow?


The last line gives a shoutout to the player who has dealt the most damage to O2, the amount of damage they have done, and the % of Oryx’s health dealt as damage.

So you’re half right in that DRLcookies has dealt 43.7% of Oryx’s HP as dmg, but he may or may not be the one who had dealt the final blow


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The April Fool event meaning the Cube God graphic has changed but the Oryx callout hasn’t.

(Translated the image :wink:)


I haven’t experienced it but I’ve heard that there’s a glitch that people have been seeing a lot in-game


Why is my panda floating? It also was like this when I nexused and tried with other characters but when I closed my client and reopened it was back to normal.


was that ever an Avian pet at some point?


No, I believe it was either a turtle or a baby.



Repost alert!



Should be 0 minutes.


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Shouldn’t it be sorceress ?





@ArexRew no


Isn’t the nomenclature for this:

“(name of the skin)(name of the class) skin”


If “Sorcerer” is here as the name of the class then it doesn’t have to be changed to “Sorceress”.


Candle Maid Sorceress
Candle Maid Sorceress

Indian Beauty Sorcereress
Indian Beauty Sorcereress gratz who whote this on the wiki


It’s from the wiki, if RotMG haves logic then this skin should be named correctly. However, it depends from the point of view : If her name is just Undine, then it’s right. If it’s Undine the Sorceress, it’s wrong.