Trivial Issues Thread


Can someone please explain the last line? I was on a hiatus when it was implemented, I’m assuming that DRLcookies dealt 43.7% of oryx’s total HP and also got the final blow?


The last line gives a shoutout to the player who has dealt the most damage to O2, the amount of damage they have done, and the % of Oryx’s health dealt as damage.

So you’re half right in that DRLcookies has dealt 43.7% of Oryx’s HP as dmg, but he may or may not be the one who had dealt the final blow


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The April Fool event meaning the Cube God graphic has changed but the Oryx callout hasn’t.

(Translated the image :wink:)


I haven’t experienced it but I’ve heard that there’s a glitch that people have been seeing a lot in-game


Why is my panda floating? It also was like this when I nexused and tried with other characters but when I closed my client and reopened it was back to normal.


was that ever an Avian pet at some point?


No, I believe it was either a turtle or a baby.



Repost alert!



Should be 0 minutes.


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