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Wand of the Recompense:



The chilling screams are me when I noticed this rift. :scream::scream:


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Players can change the name of the Realm in quest box

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This one is 10/10 on the nitpick scale.

“Long Sword” response:

Since the answer is about a Long Sword”, it wants to be it is and its in place of the two they are and the their.


well it might be talking about long sword as a type of sword

like if youre talking about ferraris as a type of car you would say
they are fast


Yep that would be okay if they switched in the last sentence the it for them to match (or make it “…easier to wield them…”), although the style of the other sword chat is to talk of it, and the first line saying a Long Sword makes me think it’s wanting singular on this one.


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Noticed this on the testing server - apparently, “Abysses” are pluralized, and all other dungeons are not.


Creation date doesn’t show up
Probably cause it’s just testing and something like that isn’t really their top priority.


Actually, it’s still an unnamed account.
Attempting to login like that, after having selected a class, but being booted outta the Nexus, it also shows up with all its stats being 0 (except HP/MP, I believe?), and wielding the notorious ART weapon.
You know, the placeholder sprite from the WS days.

You could consider it Schrödinger’s Wizard!
I’ll get some extra screenies later.


Oh, I didn’t realize that


lol it also says level 0


Found three others that have rogue pluralizations on there:


Dunno if this is just me being stupid though. Which is pretty common


Yeah if that one was wrong it would be written like Tombs of the Ancients more how Seelpit’s screenie has it as Abysses of Demons.


Yeah you’re right, I was just going of the Snake Pits sort of mistake, but then I realized that the ones highlighted are all different from the originals. But the Tomb of Ancients is originally spelled as Ancients and not Ancient


At The Realm Eye, the Staff of Horror response gets pushed off the screen, as it’s a bit too long to see all of what looks like the last word, magic.:



Is that the usual fullscreen glitch where it cuts off any text after a certain point?