Trivial Issues Thread


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Heroic Abyss key description has a missing word/copy-paste error:

image - vs - image


really dont think that commands are supposed to cause this.


Also should be “a,” not “an”


Either can be correct, depends on your particular version of English how you say “heroic”, pronouncing the h or not, with the a/an going with if you do or don’t. Some folk do, and some don’t, but the H-UDL has it as “an” so guessing they would want both to match.


Also, looks like they fixed the second warning to “too” but not the first! (Niegil’s post from a while back):


Look up “an hero” and you might realize why telling people they’re about to open “an heroic dungeon” is hilarious.


I guess it could be seen as a bit of an unfortunate choice by the Deca Dungeon Naming Standards Committee, though I’m purely representing the Grammar Consistency Brigade when I suggest it should match what the H-Udl has.

Am well aware of that meme-usage, tut tut on assuming otherwise, though it is going back some years now and haven’t actually seen any of our little horrors using it amongst their arsenal of abusive chat. Maybe it’s too much of a(n) historical thing to worry about.


A little whoops on the Motmg calendar:



Invasion + Infestation = Invastion

I see no probssue here


All the new alien Tinkerer quests have this typo:


(Edit: this has now been fixed)


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Event’s on, and they put an extra space between “The” and “Crawling”, gahhh.


You feel bad grammar crawling on your back


All the realms are full


Wasn’t there a bug a while back where some long chat lines would get an extra space automatically added to them near the end? Could be related, if this one isn’t a direct typo of an extra space.


May or may not be a trivial issue, but I’m half certain the “LOD” at the front wasn’t intended to be displayed


There are likely more, but two big ones that I noticed in more recent updates:

  1. Chat Console: “You are typing to fast, please slow down.” <-- this doesn’t counteract spam botters as much as it does make fast typists suffer and entice spambotters to put more bots in nexus to buffer chat entries… sorry tangent
  2. Pyrr the Crimson Dragon - “You will soon join the ash among this chamber.” Although I don’t know if ash can be used in the plural form. Perhaps this isn’t an error but it seems likely.
    Feel free to dispute these or continue to compile errors, I just wanted to remember to note these right now in case Deca wants to run a mini-patch and fix the grammar errors.


isn’t ashes that kind of plural that you use when there’s less like hairs


Ash throughout this chamber perhaps?