Trivial Issues Thread


I would say that’s correct…Or I suck at English…both are a very likely possibility.


As Orsome pointed out, “among” doesn’t really seem correct; “ash” however I think could be used in this manner, it’s just not very usual.

“Soon you’ll be nothing but ash and cinder!” for example, is probably grammatically correct.


Yours sounds a lot better.


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Mildly infuriating.


I don’t see anything off about that


Altar says “Limoz the Plague Bearer”

Limoz, when speaking, is clearly listed as ‘The Veridian Dragon’, not ‘Plague Bearer’


May I direct you to this quote from Toastrz within the rework’s thread:


That’s what I get for ignoring the rework discussion threads. Nevertheless, I still find it mildly infuriating.


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The item has a different pattern than the info UI
The when used it gives you the pattern of the item, not the UI

Sorry for the bad crop, you can see it more clearly if you click the image

Edit: Nvm that, its just less detailed. Same with all other cloths


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If you look closely theres a nearly vertical line to the right of the player, due to the screen rotation.
At any other angle there is no line


I think that’s because you’ve stretched your screen. if you play at the normal resolution you won’t see it anymore


I tried playing like that but I kept clicking the top bar and dragging the window around my screen by accident.
When you do that it makes your character run in the same direction you were holding, leading to a lot of deaths and a lot of rls yelling at me for dragging in LH XD


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Two typos on the new Fungal UT items (item screenshots from the patch notes):

image image

…and don’t know about ‘DPS’ as a piece of info on the Sporous Spray? Other placement items simply list their total damage and let us do the DPS calculation ourselves, don’t they? (Honey Trap, Reef Poison).