Trivial Issues Thread


Ah, but you didn’t notice the grammatical error in the Heroic UDL key.

troll grin


Scroll a few more posts down, we covered it :slight_smile:
Depends a bit on what flavour of English you’re using.



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(the login calendar functionally not working is more than Trivial)


so many people stand on one tile that it glitches out.


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(a wakizashi equipped on a ninja is not Trivial)


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(faults/flaws with the profanity filter is not Trivial)



I’m not sure what you’re pointing out, if it’s the comma splice, those are all over realm, very bothersome.


writes the text in a new line, which is done nowhere else


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(how the interact on portal works is above trivial)


This one is academic since the season’s already ended and the menu’s now gone, but here it is anyway:



Hero is also falsely capitalised in the text for legacy



… how did no one notice this?


I did, then promptly “forgot”.
Read: got brainwashed by the Entity to forget it.


Same issue:


toxic mode activated


What’s the issue? Is it saying “in the puppert master’s theatre” instead of “in his theatre”?




Is it because it only says “Master!” two times instead of six?