Trivial Issues Thread


I know what you mean, but there are those things which shouldn’t be there in a swastika



i guess but it is pretty clear


But it’s not intended to generate like that either


it doesn’t seem to intentionally not do it, so it isn’t an issue with the dungeon generation.


It seems there’s no quests today.This is what I’ve got this morning…


same for me


Smh why do they make it on these forums that you get a limited amount of likes per day? this makes no sense, I should be able to appreciate good posts without thinking “hmm how many likes do I have left?”


May I ask you sir, how do you melt a pearl necklace and a ruby?


Given the pearls become gold, they’re fake pearls


I tought you would say “the same way you carve a scarecrow:stuck_out_tongue:


ah, but there’s where you’re wrong. The pearls are strung with gold. No clue about the rubie though xd



“Hee hee kee”?


I’m having trouble figuring out if that’s a mistake or not.
I mean, whenever I type out something stupid like that I just keep my fingers on the same place on the keyboard, there’s, like, no way you can mess that up.
On the other hand, who the fuck says “heeheekee”?


One person at least @LudwiGa : Flex Your Sets


the prismimic already used to say that the first time it appeared as an event


what is user card background in user settings on realmeye?


that background


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