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Well, then.

I figure that I should point something out here: as it says in the original post of this thread,

This thread is for tiny things; a misspelled word in a description, a lack of punctuation in a taunt, etc. Things that might not even be noticed by a player who doesn’t take the time to look for them. This thread is not a dumping ground for assorted bugs in the game. If text is messed up, it goes here. If you end up in a different map than you should after going through a portal, that’s something that’s worth its own thread.


A small bug is that I don’t get enough whites in this game.


I happened to see this and it might have been noted before but still worth bringing up:

disabled for the RotMG should be just disabled for RotMG

go to you games library should be go to your games library

right click on the "Realm of the Mad God" should be right click on "Realm of the Mad God"

select "GENERAL" tab and select option could be select "GENERAL" tab and select the option


if (name === “DivineOryx”) {
lootChance = lootChance * 0.001




Crystallised Fang’s Venom has a bomb color that is red (the same exact color as the Parasitic Concoction) instead of something which matches the color of its sprite (blue/purple).


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(moved as is either a bug with the item, or Deca forgetting to switch it off)


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(not so much a bug as a discussion about classifying enemies for god kills)


doubt its a bug but this just pisses me off
Marks aren’t centered in their slots. probably other items that are too but it seems most items are centered.


This seems to be the case with all items whose sprites have an uneven size (marks for example are 7*8), the sprite is actually in the center of the box, but the mark leaves a row of pixels unoccupied

So I guess this can’t be changed without redesigning the sprite or making unreasonably big changes

whats weird though is that some items are aligned to the left and some to the right


Im cursed forever now


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My below reply from another topic is old and might be a bit out of date with some of the specific items (daggers) if they’ve been resprited since then, but the basic principle is still what’s going on with the marks. It says the same as what @Mynamerr said but with some pics. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s meant to say: “Heal your soul (and HP)!”


if only there was no offset… but alas


Missing key tags with the new mkey update

Patch Notes [X.32.7.1] & St. Patrick's Day Events

Ah, so the list of dungeons is correct, but the wording is missing the Key from those last two items. I see.