Trivial Issues Thread


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Seems the :flying_saucer: aliens’ spellchecker ran away too:


preciuos/precious :slightly_smiling_face:



Yeah, STs seem to have that issue; back when it was still alive, my Oryxmas set ninja would always appear to have a lower max hp value at the load-in screen than it would in actuality.


Typo/grammar in this skin, Sunrise Hunter:
…there once were Ten Suns…
and maybe no need for the caps letters T, S, though that’s more down to stylistic choice than rules.



Maybe Ten Suns is a name? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought so too when I was reading it, but at the end it states that only one remained, meaning it was talking in plural about ten suns and not a person


@Nevov the “Ten Suns” archer skin is referring to:


Yep, I posted that one already in Spot the Reference. :wink:
Although Mythopedia is a new site for me, I’ll check that out as might be a good way to find other references.


ghost master says “i cannot live with my betrayal”


[Spoilers] More April Fool's stuff and more

2 that i stole






Maybe not an issue but rather Oryx being drunk and not knowing what he’s talking about, but healing spell?

“Buying T5 heal spell for priest!”

And the secrets of the nexus are rendered a bit trivial, with the background being blue instead of black this year:


Oryx needs to learn his shapes:
(or more to the point you know an event’s gone too far when the devs can’t even remember all the things to temporarily change, also why is it still April Fool’s day junk gunking up the realm 11 days later?)


If you level up, the “rolling” text still shows for stats that don’t gain anything (I was 5/8 at lv 1)


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at least im not the only “god” to fail geometry :sunglasses:


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