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There is a weird pixel glitch in the game files with the lutes :
Here is the renders generated by realmeye (I’ll use it cause it’s easier to see, but it’s the same with raw image)

As you can see, there are bugs with T0 andT1 (extra pixels) & T5 and T6 (missing pixels)

Now in game, it’s displayed differently depending on the version

With Flash : it is noticeable bug%20with%20flash
With Exalt : no glitch at all no%20problem%20with%20exalt


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I genuinely don’t know how this even occurs to begin with (it’s happened with several other items in the past too, just not as noticeable), but the culprit is non-255 or 0 alpha values (aka translucent pixels).

How Flash client deals with outlining translucent pixels is, uh, it has a tough time.
Exalt client probably doesn’t acknowledge they’re there, so it looks fine.


what a textbook answer


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I forgot to get a snapshot, but a Deathmage realm portal showed up as having been open for “00:010” minutes before fixing itself at “00:11” minutes. I’ll take a picture if I see it again!


A rather silly mistake, indeed!



I’m a righty…

I’m a lefty…

(I’m actually ambidextrous IRL)


XD I’m not the only one that noticed that in this game. I don’t think it’s a true trivial issue and more of a design preference (or possible initial oversight?) but it’s always mildly amused me.
“Crud, turning around again. Welp, guess it’s time to swap my equipment around again…”


I’ve actually noticed several games where this happens, it’s just the don’t make a sprite for both directions as in the end it’s not really gonna affect gameplay at all, but it will bother the few of us who notice and care (not me).



Typo on Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi:
orbitting = orbiting


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Split off as sounds like a bug of its own.


How do you even find these things?


What do you mean? Generally, I just spot a hole in the grammar when I mouse over the item, and I assume he does too.


I usually don’t even to bother to look at those tooltips haha.