Trivial Issues Thread


In his defense why would Maddymoon even lie about such a thing? I’m pretty sure he is not colorblind either.


It is orange bag, this was already reported with more info here:



i do hope i’m not colorblind haha


wait, i know.

I got both pet skins at the same tomb, must have got the bag colors mixed up.

sorry for the confusion everyone


I mean, orange bag has priority over yellow, so you got the pet skins from different bosses…?




that’s all the loot i got that tomb


Yeah, I mean, my sister got the mini Geb skin with the Nile ring at the same time with the Nile ring, and they showed up as a white bag. Yellow and orange bags too can overlap from my experience!
(Also, it’s a shame that we already had the skin, but at least it’s 1,000 FP!)

Please, why can I seem to get skins from most dungeons except for the stupid Snake Pit? Stheno, please have mercy! Is a single good assassin skin too much to ask?


man i have the same problem!

(that skin looks soo good)


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Yeah, idk I tried to leave and try again, but it wouldn’t show up.

Okay it works now, I just don’t know what happened.


same thing happened to me


The cloth is diffrent of my char in the info popout and the one in the bottom right.


It’s Canada day and for this month we’re getting U.S.A. cloths???


Which seems ironic. I believe this started off as an Australian project, and is now owned by DECA, which, though I’d assume it’s team is international, has its HQ established in… Moscow? It must be the high percentage of American players :shushing_face:


Wasn’t it Berlin?


Huh, google says Estonia.


You’re right. I went back and checked their home page; it’s Berlin. That makes me feel a tad better lol

It’s still not American based, nonetheless. Still an oddity for such a commodity. :sunglasses:


…well…4th of July seems to be a bigger event =w="


No Canada better @w@