Trivial Issues Thread


What’s Canada?


america but up


I think you mean “North Montana?”


I’m deeply sorry for necrobumping this particular bug, but am I seriously the only one who didn’t realize the mystery skin wasn’t actually a skin but a skin itself?

probably resulting from the fact that I haven’t followed realm’s updates for a while


That’s a different item from april fools


Minimap is getting ridiculous, and I found a new cursor skin! Yay…
also hyeperion lol


That minimap error was fixed for me ages ago. Huh.


Someone forgot to edit the legs on this poor little guy

(the blue ant’s walking frame compared to every other ant)


This is why I use blue ant as the skin for my pet, he just bounces around follows me


See also: Partial ST bonuses don't render in your character screen

Can we maybe get a low priority megathread? Then we can avoid plugging up the pipeline with minor issues that aren’t easy to fix.


I’m not 100% sure, but it seems that you don’t get Steam card drops when playing on Exalt. At least, I launched legacy version and got a Steam card immediately, and haven’t had any unlocked while playing Exalt.


@shatov loaded up steam for the first time in forever and found these.
steam so outdated



I’ve got another one that actually truly bothers me. If you have a locked player in the same realm, and they are at an event and you are at the beach (as example), you cannot hover over the red cursor to see the quest if the locked player is close enough, because the locked player’s yellow (or green for guild) arrow appears above the red arrow (has priority).


Oh yeah and I think as always, the white star achievement doesn’t work (this hasn’t worked since before ninja)…


if you change to/back from another skin while you walk, then this happens.



Entering a portal or going to the nexus while you’re mousing over a character on the character select menu makes that character description get stuck on your screen, at your cursor.
It goes away when you mouse over another character in the character select menu.


Haha, I’d made my own mini thread about that before I realized there was an entire area dedicated to these kinds of problems. I probably should have just asked for a merge too, now that I think about it…


that shameless flex with all those prots…


If I really wanted to flex, I would have put a backpack with whites on whatever character looked best and chosen that, and equipped my shiny knight set along with any spare knight vanities/STs/whites.

Here I just picked whatever character looked most interesting as-is in my character select menu.
(Yes, I use my character slots as long-term UT storage.)