Trivial Issues Thread


Quest markers have always been buggy forever lol. The new HP bar of bosses kind of reminds me of how quest markers should’ve been made to work. But on that end of the spectrum, the HP bars can also be a big pain in places like a Cult where there are multiple boss-creatures.


Running at the Oryx statue quest marker is a pretty good way of getting killed too.


Honestly, one of the biggest flaws of the current big health bars is that they’re completely static in terms of their functionality. All the stuff like from how far they should appear, the time before they appear, etc, etc, it’s all hardcoded rn.
I hope they’ll eventually get around to freeing it up so we won’t get any cases like with the WLab’s Megamoth having her healthbar barely ever displayed due to the pace of the fight - or how healthbars disappear when you’re too far away from a boss, somefin particularly noticable with the Cult, yeah.


Music in o2 seems like 2x the volume as the rest of the game.


Cland music is just blaring and I have to turn it down a bit every time I go in



Really? We can’t just add one to the index to convert it to non-progammer?


Also “RealmNexusPortal.Dragon” --> “Dragon”.


The way the game freezes on launch


Needs to fix the lock box (where you lock people) doesn’t update as soon as you move away like flash did


Getting dead pixels when I hit an object, usually a rock or tree, from left-to-right, though not from other directions


“…we ill need you to crush them!”




Technically grammatically correct. I’m just as miffed as you are, but as @Sturky put it, “ill” can also be used as an adverb, meaning “only with difficulty”, or “hardly”; Oryx hardly needs their minions to crush you :3


I was about to post it…


this is what realmeye displays as the reskin ST necro set…


Privacy extensions, and possibly, Firefox by default, will disable some technobabble functionality required for character skins to be displayed properly in RealmEye. I thought it was because it hadn’t bridged properly with Unity. Trivial, but a notice/message telling me to enable the thing would have been cool (I clicked on something by chance and found out).


Really don’t like that the mystery boxes “deals” are on sale as soon as they come out. Making it not really a deal as much as its just its base price.


people are more likely to buy things on sale, regardless of its price. its basically an easier way to sell things, and from a developers perspective the logical thing to do. its a bit shady but like… mehh its not rly gonna change, and people who don’t buy gold wont really be tempted to buy something just b.c its on sale


Sometimes people will randomly get their text swapped around.


For packages, it at least makes sense that they could be advertised as “sales” - when you can buy a bunch of character slots and vault slots that seperately would cost you more, then sure, it’s a good deal.
Thing with Mystery Boxes is that there’s not really set values for some of the things in them, like Mystery Keys…