Trivial Issues Thread


The server restart announcement is right in the top center blocking the typical location of aiming at enemies (if using screen rotation and off center). It bothers me occasionally.


That’s not a bug but it’s certainly a ‘trivial issue’.

Can’t think of many alternatives, a server restart announcement is fairly important information to have. Then again it shouldn’t occur often enough to be too much of an annoyance.


whenever I load into the game, i get a glitched screen where a bunch of stuff is blank. It ends as soon as i go into vault or enter a dungeon or something.


same problem?



The game takes so long to load. I’ve said this before, but honestly I don’t think this is a trivial issue. Why does it take so long to load? What is wrong with the game startup that freezes the window for so long every time…


Same. To just start the game it took me 20 (not every time but a couple) minutes. And to load into realms, baz, etc. it takes 10 seconds at least, whereas flash took maybe 4 seconds at tops for me


For real… something in the exalt conversion is definitely bogging things down


To be fair, it has to do something with your hardware. I changed my pc recently and now that i have a highly powerful gaming computer, the game loading time went from 5 minutes to 30 seconds and the loading screen no longer gets stuck. There’s something wrong, deca should really optimize the game.


I know it has to do with hardware (I’ve noticed the difference from my old desktop to my new). I also have a highly powerful PC. Still too long. It takes longer to load than any other game I can run including any AAA games.

Edit: Actually, it takes 3 to 4 times longer to boot rotmg than it does my operating system…


If you click on your attributes, you get shown this very specific value for a split second.
It’s only a placeholder afaik, but it can be a little off-putting when you see it flash like that…


T6 tome has 7% XP bonus. Should be 6% right?


That’s not a typo. “Procing” is a word that you’d use when an item with a chance for something to activate with some sort of condition activates. In this case it’s referring to the attack boost from the monocle being proced.


weird… couldn’t find it on the internet for the life of me


Mmmm yes Button and Change 1000


Your character still shows damage when you are invincible (teleport or otherwise). It’s very scary for a second and then you realize you didn’t take any damage.


Shows hit boxes or something around some bosses and decoy pets. If they aren’t hit boxes idk what they are


I think it’s the entire 8x8 or 16x16 sprite box flashing instead of just the actual colored pixels.


Using Echoes prism while unstable will use the ability, but it will mark it instead of teleporting (even if marked already) since unstable doesn’t allow most classes to use their ability.

It also doesn’t tell you when the timer is expired until after you use the ability again, which defeats the purpose.


Trickster’s decoy with a number < another prism is red, rather than green.
e.g. t0 is green compared to t6.