Trying to get whitestar before star rework Pala PPE


With the new Class Quest fame level change possibily coming soon, it is going to be now or never to get to whitestar, even for just a moment. I only need to complete the 2K fame quest for Paladin, so why not do a PPE and try to make one of these threads?

I forgot to make a screenshot of my PPE with the pet before leveling (don’t worry this char won’t be there for long).

First dungeon and first white! I don’t have a backup planewalker for when my rogue dies, so this is quite usefull!

Aaaand f*%k, Limon giveth and Limon taketh away… I guess?..

Attempt two! I got no exaltations for this class, in case you are wondering.

Puppet is a great place to start leveling. The projectiles are easy to dodge, enemies give good exp and early game drops, and people are always willing to do them with you.

Orange accessory dye from Beer God.

Got to level 20 from this manor Troom! decent roll, besides the low DEX. I don’t like doing sprite worlds with melee characters, you are just too slow to keep up with Limon. Besides that, should be easy to max to 3/8 with ATT, SPD and VIT at least.

I hope to keep this updated every day, with the stats and drops of interrest!


Good luck!


sorry, this may be off-topic, but i haven’t been up to date w/ rotmg… is there any word on how/what the changes will be to the star rework? or anywhere i can find that info?



Day 2:

Cland, with the guaranteed cc drop. This white feels way to common, is that just me?

Banana sword

A mana

This time I was smart enough to put it in my vault right after getting it.

First 02 and Exa hp.

And again… oh well. Im going with the Pilgrim Father skin next tomorrow, or anyone with a prefered skin?


Good thing you vaulted the bow, right?

How about that Nerdy Paladin skin of yours? I almost never see it around.


Think they’re going reset stars based on how much fame you have currently, that’s what happened to me on my testing account.


Shatter provided information earlier with DECA source material to put our concerns to rest with this post. I don’t know how exact their data will be, but chances are, you’ll be fine and receive your dead character fame. (:


time to go back to orange star sigh


Day three:

Attempt three…

…and end of attempt three. Tried to solo the troll martiarch, but she wasn’t lying that the forest would be my tomb.

Fourth attempt. I decided to start with the tutorial this time. The new tutorial and kitchen is actually one of my favorite dungeons, it combines the old Wildshadow sprites with the newer game design, and I really enjoy that.

This time I didn’t die in the cem, thanks to the group I was with. Chickend out before skuld however, no chance I will survive that.

Level 20

Puppet cloth. Not a fan of it, but it gives some flavour. I never liked these 16x16(?) cloths, they are over-detailed and just stand out as not belonging in this game. Doesn’t help that the pattern doesn’t move with your character while you are attacking or walking.

A.S.S., acrop and exa def, all from the same oryx run!

Stats at end of the day. This is the best character so far, hope I don’t fuck up tomorrow.


Day Four

The journey came to an end, abruptly. But hey the goal is reached and I will now be walking around with a whitestar for a while. And perhaps one day, I will get a paladin that lasts.