Twitchystr's Private Death Thread (PPEs)


What can I say, I die a lot so I guess I’ll make some PPEs



Feed and an upgrade


dps ring


Sword upgrade
I’m done for today guys


Oops died in dirty shatts


aight more is coming, I’m tryna do another knight rn to get stars but my normal strategy of going into midgame dungeons at low lvls isn’t really working out due to low spd. Get back to you guys once I max a stat


Good news I’m unbanned from pub halls after a week! dumb RLs…


Oops unconsciously maxed atk doing oryxes and stuff

anyway 2/8


rips, didn’t even do any halls


Good job! The beauty of playing knight.


That’s one of the main reasons I play melees though, it’s easy to max their dps stats early on and do halls


Ok got an assassin, been doing the event but no backpack so far

Bad gear=better RNG
login is blurred out because it’s my IRL name


80+ keypers finally keyper doesn’t seem like so much of a scam first keyper white yeeeeeeee

Idk why I’m so excited I don’t even play rogue


Finally can lh once im maxed, got at o1 but didn’t wanna be left behind at wc


And… backed up into a godwall during keyper


On the plus side, legendary pet incoming!


NOOOOOOoo lost first pyra when I went in to pick it up geb became unstnned :CCCCCC


Looties so far on fresh priest

Both got fed


This priest= luck incarnate tho