Two very WIP dungeon concepts. Which one should I work on?


So, I’ve got two dungeon ideas, both of which will of course require a lot of work so I wanted to see what people thought was more interesting/compatible with the game before I really invested my time in making sprites, maps, animations, boss phases etc. The first one is much more ambitious than the second.

Concept 1
Massive endgame dungeon called “The Tower of Apotheosis” with three wings, and two boss fights per wing, and a secret triple threat mini boss. First wing you travel through the sunken shallow outskirts of the tower, while occasional storms push players around. Second wing goes into the tower. and third wing goes into the apocalypse. Each boss has “memory phases” where you fight grayscale, upgraded versions of bosses from earlier dungeons, alongside the complex new bosses. I’ve already put quite a bit of work into this idea, but it looks like it will end up reaching at least 100 pages in google docs if I continue like this. Its going to have a total of 15 UT ability drops, 6 UT weapon drops, 6 UT armor drops, 9 UT rings, which I already have basic concepts for in addition to T14 weapons, T15 armors, T7 abilities and rings.

Concept 2
Psychedelic dungeon dungeon dropped by the Cube God with tons of different geometric shapes of different colors as enemies. Rooms will have different colored gels on the floor, which are also spread around by certain enemies. Gels affect player movement in strange and unique ways (i.e. Yellow gel makes you move insanely fast, but if you stop moving you begin to sink as if you are in quicksand, light blue gel makes you slip around like ice, red deals high damage but only if you are standing still, white gel has no effect so if you can get a white enemy to spread it over other negative gel types you can make movement easier, etc.). The boss is a large Tesseract (4d shape) who fills the entire boss room different colored gels during its different phases and there is a secret mini boss called Mobius (based off the Mobius Strip) who summons grey, 2d versions of the enemies you fight normally in the dungeon. Gelatinous Armor, Plating, and Robes drop which correspond to the color of the enemy that dropped them (similar to Beehemoth armor) and the boss drops a Rain-Bow (bow that shoots rainbows) and a Mobius Band (ring).

Right now I’m leaning toward the second one, mainly because the first one will take so long to get done and I firmly believe that adding more middle-tier dungeons is beneficial to the game as a whole than adding super late game dungeons.

  • Super end game mega dungeon
  • Psychedelic gelatinous geometry dungeon

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I usually don’t have any difficulty conjuring up ideas, and I can sprite to some degree. I would love to help you create the Geometry Dungeon! I’m also a big fan of your work :3


Well if any of your enemies are turtle related i can sprite them


I feel for your sake you should probably do the easier one to complete, usless you are really confiident you can finish the longer one. However, the fact you intend on creating a tesseract boss in the seond idea will probably disapoint me, as I like tesseracts far too much, unless you have similar 4d philosophy to me. Anyway, independant of what you decide, gl on it.


For the tesseract I was thinking of two possibilities, either going through this progression from phase to phase (starting as a point, then a line, moving to a square, then cube, then tesseract):

Possibility One


Or the other possibility was to switch between these two:

Possibility Two

Tesseract%20Unfolded Tesseract

Another less exciting option is making the boss just a “Icosahedron God”:




isocahedron might be hard to pixelate. One idea for the tesseract boss i was thinking of was to have a cube with 8 phases, with some animation of blinking in and out of existance, and possibly changing colour, corresponding to it rotating to each different the cubic sides of a tessaract each phase. (ofc it woudn’t look like a tessaract, but it makes sense to me.) You could also have a ninth bonus phase for some fancy ending. (eg like idea 1 in reverse, going from cube[tesseract, but it looks like cube to the player] to (an actual) cube, to a line then dot. Anyway, it sounds like you know roughly what a tesseract is, so im happy.


I love the idea of the rotation with changing colors, especially with the different colored enemies and gels, it would work really well. With each rotation, it could change color, and then change the color of the floor to the corresponding gel. I will probably go with that and have some bonus phases as well.


Looks like I’m doing the psycho geometry dungeon. I tossed together sprites for the first couple enemy groups:

Green Cylinders and Torus
Mini%20Green%20Cylinder%20Final Green%20Cylinder%20FinalGreen%20Torus%20Final

Blue Cubes and Torus
Mini%20Blue%20Cube%20FinalBlue%20Cube%20Final Blue%20Torus%20Final

Each enemy group will have a regular shape+color enemy, a mini version, and torus of the same color. The tori will drop their corresponding gel on death and spread it as they move.


You had me at psycho geometry tbh. If it doesn’t look like an acid trip, I’m going to be disappointed.


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