UDL weird second boss?


I’m a returning player that hasn’t been on in years, I recently ran an UDL and while I knew that Exalt changed it in many ways I had never realized this:

Some days back, after killing Septavious, some weird yellow/gold demon enemy appeared which I dispatched rather easily, it looked like some sort of miniboss/boss and his sprite was very similar to the old white demons, except it was yellow. It dropped some decent loot, but I was never able to make it spawn again after any other UDL. What is this enemy? I cannot for the life of me find any info about this in the wiki. Can anyone tell?




Yes Dimitus. It’s one of the bonuses available as a Dungeon Mod. You can see the mods when you are standing over the dungeon portal, in a popup which appears when you mouse over it’s name in the bottom right corner. Or once inside press ‘k’ to see the mods for that dungeon.


Aah I see, thanks for clearing this one up. Never had it happen before, thought the mods weren’t able to add extra enemies.


Speaking of Dimitus, has anyone actually gotten any loot from him besides mystery potions? I am curious if he actually drops loot from the dungeon. I just have very low expectations that DECA was able to code him to drop the right items… same thing with souvenir. Do I really believe DECA was able to multiple the drop rate of a certain item from a dungeon by 4x? If so, which items are considered souvenirs? We really need some of the mathematicians from before to do some analysis on it.

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got only mystery pots or nothing from Dimitus; killed about 20-40, estimated


Dimitus has a set drop table, consisting pretty much entirely of the “standard” loot in most event chests. It isn’t dungeon-specific.

As for Souvenir, they’re actually visible in the client-side XML, so it’s only a matter of time until the wiki page for that gets finished…once someone gets around to it.


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