Uh, Deca racist? [Problem with name changing no matter what name]


But actually I’d like to change my name deca… seems no matter what word I put in I get this bs.


I sent a support ticket a couple days ago. It’ll display the same error message regardless of the name, taken or not. I can update ya when I get a response if ya want.


Changed the title for it is inaccurate


Please do.


I sniped the name tyyy


It’s already taken lol, just an example of the most innocent name I could think of. I know the owner of Vanilla irl.


got that error for trying to change my name to Piggie, seems to take the place of the old “name taken” message.


i was trying to troll u lmao


the word nilla is offensive


so its not just for any name?


I’m offended that you’re offended.


I dont think so, for now we should just wait for a response on jaw’s support ticket


They’ve said that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix as soon as possible. They also advised trying again in a couple days.

They may fix it sooner than that though, so it doesn’t hurt to try a name change in between then and now.


Its not name taken, im getting it for any name on my alt, even if i type something like uiehgegiuherg or wiuefwiufhiuwef or afgewnioher


The name change issue has been fixed. I can confirm because I was able to change my name.




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