Umm... idk what to do about this [how to report people?]


sorry I didn’t know what topic this was suppost to go in so I put it in this one feel free to change it

SOoooo there was this shady 3 star char that came up to me and randomly said this to me

and I don’t know how to report people so plz help me with something


Okay so they are pretty much just looking to scam you. Ignore them and move on.


yea I ignored them but idk how to report/tag people


You can do it from their realmeye page~!


ok ty for the response


for tagging:
/tell mreyeball tag cheater (their name)
For reporting:
read through this: Submit hacker/cheater reports here!

EDIT: shit i got ninja’d didnt I @QuadroCube


Just a tad. You did give the command after all!


light blue trying to scam a spd


Pretty pathetic. In the time you could scam a SPD you could run a snake pit as a 0/8.


It’s not just the spd pot! They run away with whatever you give to dupe.


How do you been dupe… I’m just asking curiously. Like I hear people say they’re duping keys and items but I don’t even understand what they’re even trying to do.


I don’t really know. But judging from the changes that deca has made I think it has something to do with crashing realms that are closing. I know there used to be a method to turn a mp pot into anything (I read about it) but that’s all I know.


Ahh the ol’ “free armor trimming” scam!

How nostalgic!


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