Unable To Buy Gold On Exalt


So, my usual workaround for this was to use Flash or the browser version, but neither versions are available.

Any ideas on what I can do about this?


can you record? seems kinda vague.



You have 39 gold?


Yea as skyslurp said, you only have 39 gold. That package cost 2599 gold, about 2560 more than you had.


go to the buy gold coin


where is that? on flash and browser versions, if i clicked on the button i clicked on in that vid, it would take me to a “would you like to buy more gold?” page

sorry, i’m not very familiar w/ this as i started buying gold for vault space very late in the game, and only used that single method to buy gold…


there’s 2 ways to buy gold

  1. top right corner in game screen where it shows your fame and gold
    click the [ + ] next to gold
  2. platforms that sell keys, skins, pet food, et cetera
    in the center of every platform there is a gold coin with “BUY” written on it.
    walking near that coin should work like a portal and prompt you a button.


got it thanks