Unban Starlias please




then why are your posts only concerning giveaways. literally 3/4 of your feed = giveaways


That is the VERY first thing I thought. LOL!


aight whatever theres no way I can prove that I’m not starlias but I could care less what you guys think


if you could see the time I started to play realm then you would believe me I started around 2 weeks before making a realmeye forum account


@Wizybrain the only reason I made a realmeye forum account in the first place was cause I saw a giveaway feed. I might start posting on actual feeds but im not sure yet


prankd m8s im starliases alt



something you may be interested in: (post 241 onward)


Okay, I think that’s enough. Petitions, 3rd party requests, and anything similar will not reverse a ban. We laid out our position from the very first moment the forum went public, here.