Undead Lair Event Chest (Aug 14th to Aug 20th)


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Rogues do not get the UDL chest when soloing
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So you are telling me that I can get Illum without running abbys? I call that a win.


I did find that to be a weird decision but eh…

Why aren’t traps red dots on your minimap, and could Deca do it (probs not in time for the event)?


If traps were red dots on the map… oh baby. 2ez. That takes all “fun” out of spending 15 minutes finding that one trap you left in the corner. I agree, they should add a little illumination (kms) in the dungeon as to where traps are located.


I just facecheck and run along the corners


Nooooo this cannot be! We want these things to each be unique events. Else UDL chest event = OT chest event = Shatters chest event, all the same, run around and shoot the things. Playing Hunt-The-One-Missed-Trap is what gives the UDL one its charm and avoids it being just done on zombie brain mode.


When running a UDL as a rogue, if you kill the last enemy while cloaked, the chest does not spawn
I’ve tested this five times so far and will continue to do so, but every time the chest does not spawn.


Well… just take the cloak off before the last enemy.

The solution isn’t always invisible.


I just tested it out and the reward chest spawned just fine. One thing I did notice tho is that the traps don’t activate when you are invisible, making it even harder to clear them.
Are you sure you got all of the traps?


Why would you need to cloak to clear a dungeon?


Tip: if your hunting for traps, don’t uncloak and sit on one.


You and your puns disgust me.
But will do.


So you do get brutally bombarded by a huge group of shots. Also slimes.




Learn your slime tactics.
Step one:

Step two:
Predicts shots like
Traces shots like
Step three:
Acquire kill.

How do I prevent being dragged on when I leech?

Or you could just do the easier way…

Step one:
Equip your.

Step 2:
Sit in one place using your and shoot those and .

Step C:
Walk on a and .


If you’re an 8/8 rogue im not sure why you need a cloak to clear.


Unfortunately, some people just haven’t mastered the art of dodging…

which is why they only play knight or a class that they don't need to do much dodging with


so you can shoot without being shot at