Unfair death


Well… how you can see in the tittle…I died, my ninja died, not by my hand, if i can say that.
I’ve gonne in a Cdepths with a guy, in the second room i started to lag alot, and i’ve gonne back into the starting room… and in the starting room my RotMG crashed, I couldnt nexus… because the page was not responding, couldnt close the page, because I was in full screen while not responding… there were no spiders in 2 rooms near the starting one, so i was supposed to be ok, after 3-4 mins of not responding, my game was “playable” but the problem was, i saw the screen black, while loading “Nexus”, after few seconds of waiting the “Character is dead” error appeared… i starded to panic… i closed the realm and reopened, and yep… the character did died. So i asked that guy from that Cdepths what happened, he said said that he simply “dragged” spiders on me, because I was “leeching”…After a long discuss, he told me "this shall be a lesson for you, leecher. We were both ninjas, so i dont know why would he do that. My ninja was 7/8, 1300+ Base Fame, and going to 2000 Base Fame so i can go to my next character to max… now i have to rebuild from 0 another one because that player killed me… I didnt died by my own faulth, i could do nothing… and I just want to ask if you guys think that my ninja should be revived, I know that i should not ask for revives, i never did and i died with tons of whites, tons of tops, on this ninja i had no white, 3 tops and a UT (Csilk)… isnt alot, i had characters that died with 4-5 whites… but i just feel sad about this ninja, because u died to a dragger… :\


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