Unfair Deaths In Game (Broken Damage)


Well there is nothing to say other than on my 5/8 archer he had morning star bow golden ,quiver,griffon hide armor and alot of rings and dyes
i go in a woodland labyrinth and when the boss transforms in the last phase and i am all the way across the room it brings up the death screen and says that i died by small larva or what ever
i didnt even see myself take damage the boss was nowhere near me
please somebody report this to DECA i need my character back


You will not get your character back

The mini larva are known to shoot stacked shots, your fault to not be able to see the shots to dodge them.


First off - you will not get your character back. It’s simply impossible, no matter what the circumstances, deca does not revive dead dudes.

To explain your death quickly, the moth spawns a whole load of larvae upon spawning, which all shoot at once, thus creating a stacked shot. Getting hit by one of these will insta kill most characters, unless you dodge them. These shots travel across the room.

I’m sorry you lost your archer, but I’ve lost 6/8’s or 8//8’s to more embarrassing things then that.

Welcome to realm


Sorry about your death. Here’s a couple threads to read up on.

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