Unity&Flash Patch Notes/PT/Animations [Patch X.33.1.0]


From reddit :

Patch Notes [X.33.0.0] + The Machine Event [Apr 1st to Apr 6th]
New feed powers

They forgot to tell if the new animations are money or if it’s just a rare drop


I want that conflict, its grinding time
forgets my conflict is the haloween one


Damn, a TARDIS pet skin? Count me in.


Update/patch graphic from the main menu news (from Flash yes I’m still a pleb):


(Flash still has the old tutorial.)
Edit: although did the Chickens used to fire feathers at us, like this? Or is this new?

Edit2: yes this seems a new chicken for us on Flash too, it goes into fake rage (runs away):

:question: Does the new Exalt tutorial still have an accuracy training option? To avoid players from pursuing more ‘hacky’ methods of getting their accuracy up?


Nope :c

Also i’m hyped about the new tutorial, so much better.
Need to find easter eggs now


are there easter eggs? me gusta


Sigh. Well I guess tombs are gonna be seeing a lot more people staying in the spawn room to accuracy on the asleep bosses, until they add something back in. :sleepy: Fun…


Does anybody know how to acquire the new shards for the animations?? I don’t see any boxes in the shop or drop info anywhere.


In their defense, it was an exploit of sorts.
Can’t leave that in forever!


in what time zone is ‘evening’ for the PT session?


In my opinion, i’ll say… in 2-3 hours ? Something like that ? DECA often use the UTC timezone.

“Evening” is a bit vague.


That’s cause Unity is annoying and won’t always work properly.
There’s no set time! Who knows when it’ll start!


Lmfao why do they hate sorcerers :sob:


Get your clovers y’all :>


Reminder not to forget to pick up this in the shop:

image image

A Short Survey + Free Golden Clover

Small bump :slight_smile:

The animation things are money.

We still don’t know how much money but it’s money.



I hate my life



So you win 5th place in a discord contest and you can buy only one.

For 12$ you can get both.

If i could buy it, i’ll choose the golden shard because it goes on two UTs (QoT and jugg), i don’t have a jugg but i do have a QoT, i have an orb of conflict but no mystic ready while my archer is almost 8/8.

  • Golden Shard (QoT, Jugg)
  • Chaos Shard (Conflict)

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EDIT : Should probably show the animations in this post.


Thanks for the graphics.

Hmm the QoT might actually be slight useful to alert that there’s a daze incoming if it hits on target, the other two really only are show-off effects of no meaning to nearby players, so assuming they’re visible to all players, it’s just pay-to-annoy isn’t it. GG.