Unity&Flash Patch Notes/PT/Animations [Patch X.33.1.0]


No, it is only visible if you have ally shots on. Which is correct for me, although i’ll add an option to enable/disable the cosmetic effects.


Weeeell, you can tell exactly when your Jugg’s about to run out…it’s truly P2W in that regard >u<


Wow they are trying to improve on the 100% infallible, ultra modern “count the seconds in your head” method to tell when it’s gonna expire? :laughing: Like for rogue: press cloak, count to 5 then back out, Lol.

A “shows the duration remaining” is actually a great selling point… I’ve seen Exalt has a timer counter counting seconds on the item sprite in the right panel, but something immediate and natural like a graphic effect directly on our char is a much more natural and good way to handle this. Would be great for tiered cloaks, Prot, etc… Hopefully that will be a QoL done at some point for all other ‘duration’ items we use.

The shards packs (why is everything “shards”?) got a hype image made for the news panel (Flash):



As a pseudo-main rogue (not even I know what that really means) you gain a sixth sense called “counting to 5.5”

Thats not the item effect, thats the cooldown


Did the QoT animation in slow motion (not for Conflict as it is just a skull, nothing really special)


Honestly that conflict animation looks sick


try using one of the tall gray asparagus plants in the lost halls spawn room.
they are invulnerable until you walk over it


Never thought of this. Genius!


i accidently discovered this on testing, i was like “why is it still invulnerable?” while i hadnt moved from the portal of cowardice, and once i ran over it, it became vulnerable


I found this out the same way (it can become invulnerable again if you move too far, too)


yeah i learned that as well


New update: Bard is out NOW! [X.34.0.0]