Unjustly missed last Login Reward


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I’ve been playing ROTMG on and off for 6 years now, and the recent login rewards have been a great update and successful in keeping me returning to play regularly.
The most recently concluded calendar (of July) for which it is emphasized text_still within that month upon creating this topic mind you_emphasized text failed to yield my last reward. The reward that I have been religiously logging in TWiCe A dAy FoR.

Just to be clear, I’m aware that the Deca calendar/timezone does not align with my privileged Golden Coast surfer kiddo timezone. My RotMG Login reward resets at 1700 every day (5pm for you normal humans) and I login accordingly both before (in the morning of that day) and after, to make sure I don’t miss the thing.

PS if anyone knows if Deca would amend the issue, considering I duly login daily, please let me know.

Anyways, that’s my complaint.
Logged in every day, didn’t get my reward at the end.



Have a consolation kitten.

And, to be fair, this is a whopping 187,000 pixels. That’s the equivalent of 2,921 daily rewards and equally as useful in real life.

Ok, I’ll top being an asshat. Because of the time zone difference I’ve done this a couple of times (many moons ago, I really can’t do realm that often these days) and it sucks at the end finding out you’ve missed a day at some point.


as the template you accidentally left in says, this forum isn’t officially deca-run or anything like that. we can’t do anything to help with your complaint. the reason for your calendar woes is timezones, not only is it a different time over in decaland right now, it’s also now august because it’s ahead of us in time.


My guess is you missed the very first day of July, thinking it was still June, so for the whole month you were a day behind (in the same way as when making your post it wasn’t still July as you thought, but already 3hrs into August on the servertime).

All our logins hit onto the calendar automatically so there isn’t any way “it” can be wrong, the only thing that can happen is we make a mistake somewhere in the month (I also did, missed mine by <5 mins one day). So I highly doubt Deca will gift you the 31st reward when their data shows only 30 logins.

But certainly submitting a support ticket to complain about the calendar system being unfair/confusing for non-European time zones will guarantee Deca at least hears your complaint and hopefully takes it into account when designing future months (if they put the best reward on the day before the month’s end, for example): How to contact Deca Games Support


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