Unknown enemy in Cem


i’m not entirely sure if this is the right place to put it but oh well,

I was in cem and on the 2nd stage, the boss had just entered the first statue, but what caught my eye was an enemy i had never seen before, at first i thought it was the other player’s pet but then i saw the other player had a crab, so i instinctively shot it and it died in one shot then it disconnected me. the enemy looked like the size of a player and it was like a skeleton sprite if it had flesh, all white with red eyes, or maybe blue i cant remember, it didn’t move it just stood in the middle of the two statues, it also didn’t attack, I am 100% it wasn’t a ghost or apparition because i could clearly see its two distinctive legs. i tried searching for it on wikia but nothing like it came up, anyone know what it is?


This kind of fits your description, even though it’s a common enemy at 2nd stage.


If that’s not it, that’s really strange. Are you under the influence?


it’s not it was much thinner and somewhat humanoid, it was also facing left, and no im not under the influence


Is it possible for you to draw it out, maybe in paint (zoom in to make it pixelated) and send a screenshot?


Stop doing drugs and playing Realm at the same time.


Some things in the game randomly spawn because of a crap up in coding. Take the shatters event chest fuck up as an example. (The white dragon from the lod spawned instead of the event chest LOL) Thats the only thing I could think of tbh


insert mr mackey Drugs are bahd. Mkay.


i mean, i guess its possible for it to have been the ghost bride’s sprite that was replaced by another sprite, which would explain the disconnection


That’s true, especially since the entity she represents stays in the center if paralyzed I think


i was a ninja and other player was warrior, i doubt she was paralized, especially since i killed sprite in one hit Untitled


wtf? this sounds like the start of a rotmg creepypasta
that sprite looks nothing like any other sprite in the game


im so sorry, but i tried making it in pain with a mouse


I’ve only ever seen it happen with test chests though, never with something else. But the ghost bride does “spawn” so maybe it’s sorta the same thing.

btw I also saw chests being changed into a stationary tree and a lvl -1 (yes negative) unnamed sorcerer. So aaaanything is possible


i understand that thats probs not 100% accurate, but still, the closest thing i can think of to that sprite would be a humanoid baby pet


iF YOu sEe tHiS SPaWn YoU hAVe SEvEn dAYs tO LiVE


a character size baby

thats a big baby


im gonna have to look trough the whole enemy index, see if anything matches,
my curiosity is too much


You can check your graveyard too see what killed you


it didnt kill me though, it disconnected me


I, for one, welcome this new creepypasta.

Who’s got the video of the guy seeing the eyeball in the cem on his stream.