Uno card giveaway [not giving away uno cards lmao]


Hehe, heheheheheheh… another giveaway.

So to enter the giveaway, just post an image, a text, a video, anything like that. You can use photoshop, rotmg elements, back to the future elements… You can use everything EXCEPT you will have to include in your content :

an uno card

In case it’s not clear, create everything you want it can be a minecraft meme, a recap of your school day but it MUST include an uno card.

The best content wins a free uno card something worth a deca on December 20th.


No u


My friend:Ur MOm GaE


bruh why is it a link

[I’ve turned it into the image, it was because you’d linked to the Google image search. -Nevov]


Here is a ROTMG Omnipotence Ring Uno Reverse Card. Hey, I should make a full deck of these…


dont get my hopes up next time.


Lud is back with his Hearthstone references


Negative, chief


That’s hype ngl

Gimme like 7 hours and I’ll be back with an uno card of my own.


UNO the Mad God


HP: 1,111,111

DEF: 11,111

EXP: 1,111

DROPS (in white bags):

Wild Draw Four Card
Pick those cards, any of the cards…

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 70
Effect: (effect is inflicted to enemies near cursor)

  • 4 enemies (randomly chosen) are each given a random negative debuff

Fame Bonus: 11%
Feed Power: 1,111

Reverse Wakizashi
Reverse. Right back at ya!

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 85
Shots: 1 (can hit multiple)
Damage: 111
Effect: All targets move AWAY from the user
Fame Bonus: 11%
Feed Power: 1,111


uno reverse card (red)


this is high quality bullshit


gamma winning atm lol



No me.


Almost forgot about this giveaway. Xd.


Have to cancel this giveaway. For multiple reasons like the lack of entries, and i’m currently running low on decas/wealth, so i’ll farm a bit more halls.

@moderators :lock: