Uno card giveaway [not giving away uno cards lmao]


Hehe, heheheheheheh… another giveaway.

So to enter the giveaway, just post an image, a text, a video, anything like that. You can use photoshop, rotmg elements, back to the future elements… You can use everything EXCEPT you will have to include in your content :

an uno card

In case it’s not clear, create everything you want it can be a minecraft meme, a recap of your school day but it MUST include an uno card.

The best content wins a free uno card something worth a deca on December 20th.


No u


My friend:Ur MOm GaE


bruh why is it a link

[I’ve turned it into the image, it was because you’d linked to the Google image search. -Nevov]


Here is a ROTMG Omnipotence Ring Uno Reverse Card. Hey, I should make a full deck of these…


dont get my hopes up next time.


Lud is back with his Hearthstone references


Negative, chief


That’s hype ngl

Gimme like 7 hours and I’ll be back with an uno card of my own.


UNO the Mad God


HP: 1,111,111

DEF: 11,111

EXP: 1,111

DROPS (in white bags):

Wild Draw Four Card
Pick those cards, any of the cards…

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 70
Effect: (effect is inflicted to enemies near cursor)

  • 4 enemies (randomly chosen) are each given a random negative debuff

Fame Bonus: 11%
Feed Power: 1,111

Reverse Wakizashi
Reverse. Right back at ya!

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 85
Shots: 1 (can hit multiple)
Damage: 111
Effect: All targets move AWAY from the user
Fame Bonus: 11%
Feed Power: 1,111


uno reverse card (red)


this is high quality bullshit


gamma winning atm lol



No me.