Unstable Anomaly [Why No FP?]


I was wondering why the Unstable Anomaly had no fp. I noticed all the other vanity items do have some small amount of fp at least


Actually, all items released in that set (the items released in the 2014 summer steam sale) have no feedpower.

**Items in set include Unstable Anomaly, Precisely Calibrated String Stick, toy knife, barely attuned magic thingy


Barely attuned and Toy knife do have fp though


that is strange. Apparently lethargic also has fp so that destroys theory that the “rarer” items would not have fp. In that case, I have no idea why. They may have just forgotten to add any fp.


It’s a curious one. Of the entire set:
Toy Knife (dagger) has 145fp
Precisely Calibrated Stringstick (bow) has 0fp
Barely Attuned Magic Thingy (staff) has 310fp
Lethargic Sentience (wand) has 145fp
Unstable Anomaly (sword) has 0fp
(no katana, even though the items were released in summer 2014 & ninja was in the game then)

Only reason I can think of is it could be tied to the rarity of how we originally obtained the items via Steam trading cards: if sword/bow were the most common, wand/dagger less common, and staff the rarest, the fp could’ve been tuned to match this.

Probably should be ironed out in current Rotmg, now that they are all presumably drops of equal chance in Mad God Mayhem.


the rarity was
dagger -> sword -> bow -> wand
as far as I can remember - has to be another theory


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