Up for a challenge?


since Class Quests got updated and not many People are White Star anymore (Me included) i thought to myself what is the absolute dumbest way to get back to White Star couse spending 1 Month fully on Last Halls and nothing else and calling yourself after that a White Star is kinda boring


  1. NPE (No Pet Experience, not New Player Experience so basically never use a Pet)
  2. All Characters need to reach 15k alive Fame
  3. Guildmates are allowed to run dungeons with you if they do the same challenge but i guess when you reach 8/8 you can just run with them on their normal characters since getting there with those rules is already enough
  4. Dont use Discord Servers like pubhalls etc.
  5. No Trading
  6. No Tinkerer/Calender
  7. No Item Shop
  8. No Forging

If someone wants to join me on my journey through hell hit me up and lets run some dungeons together :slight_smile:


Oof I have a similar idea but it would be:

Forge allowed, as long as the PPE character gets the material itself. Eventually this will be excluded if experienced enough.

Must be solo to max. Pots that were collected via playing with others will not get consumed. This means you have to solo the dungeon entirely. There will be exceptions that if I happened to solo farm on GLand but someone came from nowhere, it will still count for progression.

Reach to at least 15k alive fame.

Absolutely zero teleportation allowed.


This is just an elaborate scheme to find out who here are masochists.


Well for my part i do it for myself. Dont want to sit in Lost Halls 24/7 and then call myself a White Star but didnt even see any other dungeon. Like i kinda want to achive with this a time travel to the old days where abyss was a insanly scary dungeon. Nowadays noone cares about it anymore (sadly). Kinda want to feel the adrenaline kicking in when you do some dungeons and you see yourself blinking for 20seconds straigth and not instantly heal back to full live becouse you went 3 seconds out of combat. So jeah just want to achieve this personal achievement and then i can say from myself that i finished the first part of beating this game. Next would be with those characters exaltations or complet every dungeon 100 times.


my plan ------> exalt stuff, farm events, do ppes/npes upes ------>never get white because rogue exists. also trix will be a pain to 5 star because i cant help but rush


? I rush on trixter and i have 5 stars on it.


Hey, as soon as I open up another slot, this is right up my alley! I was already doing this on my Summoner, so why not on another class? I already botched the “NPE” part on my newly created Bard, but I only have one more ticket before my next slot opens up.

I’ll be sure to DM you if I see you online, when I’m ready!


i just need to get good, might take a few trixters though


trickster is ez to play u just press spacebar and you auto dodge