Upcoming Alien Events [Mar 18th to Mar 25th]


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I’m glad i stored my red alien core and my locked reactor.

Greeting Realmlings,

After hearing Realm is about to change (#RealmExalt), Commander Calbrik plotted a malicious scheme to destroy the Realm before it became more powerful. This might be the last time we see Realm as we know it… We hope you are ready for the battle…

Remember the Universal Fragments? Those will once again be the key to unlocking treasures beyond belief.

How to gather those tokens?

Defeating the following enemies will grant you different amounts of this precious fragment:

  • Alien UFO - Universal Fragments x5
  • Malogia Satellite Core - Universal Fragments x1
  • Untaris Satellite Core - Universal Fragments x1
  • Forax Satellite Core - Universal Fragments x1
  • Katalund Satellite Core - Universal Fragments x1
  • Alien Leprechaun - Universal Fragments x4
  • Alien Biff - Universal Fragments x4

Where can I find those wormholes and enemies?

  • Commander Calbrik will spawn once per Realm after all Cyclops Gods are defeated.
  • After defeating Commander Calbrik himself, the Malogia, Untaris, Forax, and Katalund wormholes will spawn.
  • Alien Biff will spawn once per Realm after you defeat all Red Demons.
  • Alien Leprechaun will spawn once per Realm after you defeat all Ghost Kings.
  • Alien Biff and Alien Leprechaun will also drop a few random Wormholes depending on the amount of players nearby

We also added a twist - once you complete any of the wormholes, there is a chance another wormhole’s portal will spawn, so don’t rush to leave the “planet” dungeon after you’ve defeated its boss!

In the meantime, you can always pop one of the new Wormhole Enchanted Keys! They have no restrictions as to where you can open them. Limit per wormhole is 25. They can be purchased in the in-game Mystery Shop.


Quest Name Requirement/s Reward/s Type of Quest
Alien Quest 1 Universal Fragment x60 Malogia Weapon Cache x1 OR Untaris Weapon Cache x1 OR Forax Weapon Cache x1 OR Katalund Weapon Cache x1 Repeatable
Alien Quest 2 Universal Fragment x40 Alien Core: Power x1 Once Per Account
Alien Quest 3 Universal Fragment x40 Alien Core: Dark Matter x1 Once Per Account
Alien Quest 4 Universal Fragment x40 Alien Core: Corrosion x1 Once Per Account
Alien Quest 5 Universal Fragment x40 Alien Core: Warp x1 Once Per Account
Alien Quest 6 Alien Core: Power x1 + Alien Core: Dark Matter x1 + Alien Core: Corrosion x1 + Alien Core: Warp x1 Loaded Core x1 Once Per Account
Alien Quest 7 Universal Fragment x80 Locked Reactor x1 Once Per Account
Alien Quest 8 Universal Fragment x60 Malogian Saucer Pet Skin x1 OR Untarian Saucer Pet Skin x1 OR Foraxian Saucer Pet Skin x1 OR Katalonian Saucer Pet Skin x1 Once Per Account

The Event and quests will run from March 18, 2020 1:00 PM (Europe: Paris), March 18, 2020 5:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) until March 25, 2020 1:00 PM (Europe: Paris), March 25, 2020 5:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) .

Here is what the Weapon Caches can drop:

Malogia Weapon Cache Drops:

Untaris Weapon Cache Drops:

Forax Weapon Cache Drops:

Katalund Weapon Cache Drops:

Alien Leprechaun can also drop:

  • Fitted Protective Matrix
  • Heavy Protective Matrix
  • Locked Reactor
  • Magic Protective Matrix
  • Pet Eggs
  • Potions
  • Tiered Gear

Drop tables for Alien Biff and Alien UFO remain the same.

Once again, combining the Locked Reactor and the Loaded Core will give you the most powerful alien technology - the Entropy Reactor! To fuse them, you can now drag the Loaded Core onto the Locked Reactor!

If you open the in-game Mystery Shop, you will have a special FREE Welcome Back Gift! Have you told your friends about what’s coming and what they can get for free? What are you waiting for?

To boost the last days of the Alien event, we are adding two new quests:

Quest Name Requirement/s Reward/s Type of Quest
Alien Quest 9 Universal Fragment x80 Magic Protective Matrix OR Fitted Protective Matrix > OR Heavy Protective Matrix Once Per Account
Alien Quest 10 Universal Fragment x80 Space Smuggler Rogue Once Per Account

The extraterrestrials are just about ready to throw in the towel and return to the depths of space, so grab their goods while you still can!


I kept 3 of them.

They called me a mad man


The small (for now, might get promoted to the top line nearer the time) graphic for the event from the lower right panel of the news section:

Alien Event

The Welcome Back Gift:


…I presume it won’t take you past max stat caps (?).
Don’t know what the Permanent increase XP means, maybe gives you a flat amount of extra base fame (XP) for that character upon using it?
Edit: ah okay it’s for welcoming back returning players so the XP levels them up straight to 20 and it also gives them a boost equivalent to 5x of each pot.

45 hoarded here from last time. :sunglasses:


Probably does the same thing as potion of max leveling and grant you the xp needed to reach level 20.


I can finally enjoy a new entropy priest. Because back in September, when i finally managed to make a full entropy priest 8/8, with a puri, using the help of my main character, i decided to give my priest a try in a parasite chambers. Lag oof’ed me into two tongues - i lost days of work to lag.

You need in total 240 fragments to craft the Entropy Reactor.

Since i already have the red core and the locked reactor, this number is greatly decreased, leaving me in a 120 fragment quest. I’m happy.


That would make sense as the bit about level 20 isn’t in yellow text, so the XP line must be to cover that.



What class should i put entropy on ? I have every alien armor and every alien weapon except a few ones - but i can grind them.

I remove classes that i don’t really want to be playing with.

  • Priest (puri, prot)
  • Paladin (marble seal & oreo)
  • Wizard (tablet)
  • Necromancer (cult skull & shait skull)
  • Assassin (pogmur)

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Is this just like a Level 20 pot + 5x of each pot?


I don’t seem to see the welcome back gift. Perhaps I’m missing something here?




Reading it a bit closer, each Wormhole dungeon now only gives maximum 1 universal token (each miniboss gave them in the last time there was an Alien Event), and that’s only from the satellite, so failure is not acceptable.

Though the portals themselves should be easier to find, with keys, and the chance to continue into another portal after completion, and there is the Alien Leprechaun too. So might not be too much slower to farm them.

Still no dungeon completion counter stats for the Wormholes tut tut.




You are mad.


Don’t forget to call him a man.


Monster musume I see


No [i won’t call it han solo skin because wilhuff will instantly correct me] this time in quests
glad i got mine last event


I. Need. This.


The moment I decide to clean my vault of these things.


I actually suicided my huntress to make a new priest.

Don’t worry, only a backpack and a potion of max level suffered in this process.