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Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood

Greetings! This has been quite a MotMG, but we’re not done yet! Halloween activities are approaching, and we have one more big release planned afterwards before transitioning from MotMG to the final stretch of 2020.

Upcoming Releases

Next week will feature this year’s Halloween update! Look forward to the return of the foreboding Halloween nexus and encounter reskins as you complete some of the special Halloween events we’ll be revealing soon. Soon after this release will be the exciting fame bonus overhaul! We’re thrilled to get to close out this year’s ambitious and game-changing span of MotMG updates with this long, LONG overdue rework to one of the game’s most fundamental systems.

Discords and Oryx’s Sanctuary Event

We hope you are enjoying the ongoing event in Oryx’s Sanctuary. We wanted to take a moment to speak on the subject of organized player groups threatening to ban players who are in realms with them. To be absolutely clear, no player has the ability to ban or take other action on a player’s account in-game. The most these groups can do is ban you from their own Discord servers, which likely means nothing to you if you are not already on their server.

The realm is a place for all players. While organized groups are welcome to try to find small realms to quickly close, we want to stress that there is no actual enforcement for exclusivity. Continued threatening and harassment of players, including abusing chat to interrupt visibility, may see action taken by us for toxicity.

The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner, after all. Those who don’t behave may be faced with grim judgement…


Next week, fame rework…

Thought Deca wouldn’t care about players’ toxicity.


This is a sanctuary o3 thread. Stop posting here or your realmeye will get banned


HAHA, no more demanding that people leave for private dungeons, glad to see Deca opposing overly toxic raid discords (even if it’s only a bit)

Also @JimdaFish, grim reaper/ghost king gif didn’t load in


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Spoilers: the fame rework is…pretty insane.
Like, hot dang.


I ended up a bit disappointed on the choice of wording. “Upcoming (…) Harassment Policy” (I now realize I accidentally read “Upcoming” as belonging to both, but it’s just referring to the content) made me think that maybe they’re actually making a more solid stance against toxicity in the chat overall and we’ll get an actual statement from Deca about it and their course of action.

Still waiting on anything like that… any punishments for toxicity at the moment are few and far between (maybe slightly more common now from what I’ve seen anecdotally, but at the same time I can’t be certain), and the details of those punishments (such as duration of punishment, how many punishments can be dealt, if permaban is even a possibility) relatively unknown to the community. I think a public announcement from Deca, putting their foot down and displaying clearly their stance and what punishment can entail, might serve to let at least some people know their behavior isn’t tolerated, even if some not-so-bright individuals continue.

Being threatened to be banned by some random Discord group is very unpleasant and unwelcoming though for reasons basically everyone here already knows, especially for newer players who might read it and think it means bans from the game itself, so I’m glad they’ve at least made this statement.


I think it might be my favorite thing about all of MotMG, except maybe the campaign’s vault chest unlocker and character slot unlocker.


The devs meme-ing with sakurai’s NO is fantastic


I’m confused…


Blazer’s referring to this video, which the devs linked:


Oh I get it.