Upcoming (Lunar) Events [Jan 22nd to Jan 31st] and Tomb Runner Winners


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Tomb Runner Event [Jan 10th to Jan 20th]

A ST of our choice? The Helm that I’m missing for the set? Count me in for this event!

that is, if I can find the time as a struggling college student


The infographic:

Quite a couple fitting skins! Not too sure how to feel about getting only one of the 8 STs, but hey, better than nothing >w<


right after my ninja died xd


Yeah wow, that’s a nice feature to do to let us complete long-missing things. It’ll be the samurai katana here for moi.

I’ll add it into the OP with the new edit powers in here that @Xaklor has given. :muscle: :sunny:
-done, also did an edit of the previous Lod event topic as we were missing details of that.

I tried to embed the YT vid directly but it wouldn’t, so here it is in case you didn’t notice it was linked (recorded by @Kitten):

& version with English subs (by @TheIvyX):

Nice tombing! & congratulations to your guild.


Really excited for it too, need Akuma’s tear to complete the samurai set


These events got a main menu graphic, for some reason it’s quite satisfying how the 4-way layout is done with the different dungeons, though maybe the x1.5 and chest small icons on the portals are a bit too small/subtle.


Have been doing a few Lods in USE2, bit of a shame that people have fallen into an always red-first habit, and red-blue-green-black as default, bit boring to always do them the same. So am appreciating it when the Altar intervenes to throw in a different order.


The Woodlab portal is the old one, too >m<


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